Selected student works

mrg (2020)
Electro-acoustic piece

for electronically altered voice

Composed as an exercise for the course Analyse/(Re-)Synthese der Stimme with Matthieu Corajod, this piece features recordings from a widely known video in which a youth from the east of Switzerland threatens the unknown addressee. These recordings were extensively modified by software developed by the Composers Desktop Project and arranged in Ableton Live.

Source material

(mmm)-cm-20_25-05-20 (2020)
Audiovisual piece

for computer-generated visuals and electronic sounds

Visuals generated by custom-written software running in the terminal with multiple streams overlaid in post-production, juxtaposed with electronic sounds produced with a microtonal resonator with 40 (in)harmonically related bands and noises created by sonifying the visual layers.

Body without Organs (2019)
Music to an imaginary storyboard
for electronic sounds and sampled violin


Inspired by a naive, purely aesthetic fascination with Deleuze & Guattari’s body without organs as well as a confrontation with death in a public space, this piece sets a storyboard in the style of sixties experimental movies to music. The piece was conceived as a succession of Klanggestalten in differing lengths , largely informed by Bernard Parmegiani’s musique concrète, with repetitions solidifying a three-act structure.


Music to the film of the same name by Wallace Berman (1976)

for violin, flute, percussion and electronic sounds, realised with Marc Gherardi (flute, percussion)